Professional Membership

Professional Membership Profile

Members of the Executive Women's Council are experienced professionals who have applied their education, experience, and personal philosophies to successful management of diverse operations in such fields as business, government, non-profit agencies, education, the arts and entrepreneurial ventures. They have been employed as managers or senior professionals for at least five years or have a similar length of experience in running their own companies or private practices. They also have at least two years of experience in a leadership position in community or professional organization.

Current membership includes some of the area's top-ranking women, including senior managers, women business owners, educators, attorneys, elected officials, consultants, and many more.

Criteria for Full Membership

EWC's objective is to provide enrichment, support, and a source of collective influence for executive and professional women in Pittsburgh. In order to help EWC achieve that goal, applicants must satisfy the following minimum criteria to be considered for election to EWC. Applicants should take note that the following are minimum criteria, and the Membership Committee may also consider other information about the applicant in the evaluation process.

Have at least five (5) year's experience in a professional, executive position. "Professional position" shall include any accountant, lawyer, health care professional, engineer, consultant, scientist, researcher, artist, clergy or educator. "Executive position" shall include any business owner actively involved in the operation of the business, any position within or reporting directly to senior management of an organization, or any elective, appointive, managerial or administrative position in which the applicant has supervisory, planning and budgetary authority over a unit of an organization.

Meet at least two of the three additional criteria:

  1. Earned at least a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university 
  2. Have a demonstrated commitment to bettering her community or the business world as evidenced by holding elective or appointed office in local, state, or federal government, or a political party; or by serving on the board of a professional, civic, arts, religious, trade association or corporation for at least two years 
  3. Have a demonstrated commitment to supporting the professional development of women by participating for at least two years in an organization or project that advances or enhances the status of women.Executive Women's Council of Greater Pittsburgh - Full Membership

Professional Membership Fee: $150.00